Facebook’s 2014 changes will increase costs for businesses that rely on social

Good morning Business Owners and Social Marketers,

If you haven’t heard (or noticed already), in early December Facebook “tweaked”some of their algorithms. The changes were related to what posts are seen in news feeds of the Facebook community-your customers. Since the change, you may have noticed that your free post reach on Facebook has started to tank.

This “little” change will probably cost you big in the New Year if you want to keep up that reach and engagement with your fans. If you are a small business, this hurts the bottom line. More likely than not, your free posts are not going to be reaching your fan base, especially when your post is promoting something for your business.

So what does this mean for your business’ social push in 2014? It means that your social marketing costs are going to rise unless you find some OTHER way to engage an audience. It also means that if you’ve paid a social media firm for advertising, they are probably going to be commanding more money to maintain the SAME market penetration they said they would deliver in 2013.

It will be interesting to see how this all pans out. The backlash seems to be mounting, particularly from the small business community. Entire advertising agencies have been built across the country because of Facebook promotions and branding. This could spell disaster for so many jobs that have grown in number over the last few years.

Contacts In Motion built the JerseyShoreInMotion service from the ground up so we wouldn’t be reliant on ANY of the social networks to grow your business. Granted, Facebook has helped us just like it has helped you. However, it isn’t a deal breaker. With our mobile site, app, and  additional functionality in the works, we want to be the most sensible advertising partner for a small business in NJ. We are going to be just fine and want to do our part to steer small business brands to the most effective advertising channels with us.

We cannot wait to see what 2014 will bring despite ending 2013 with a little bit of uncertainty from the big blue goliath’s changes.

Business  Insider Article:

Facebook’s 2014 changes will increase costs for businesses that rely on social

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